Alexandra Vyvyan is the winner of this year’s Creative Writing Competition for the 12-17 years category with her poem ‘ Time Flies’

Alexandra Vyvyan has used writing as a creative outlet for as long as she can remember. With the support of teachers, friends and family Alexandra has entered competitions and workshops when possible. Some of her work has been published online and in anthologies as she allows her imagination to shape words onto paper. Now just one year before going to university to study costume design, she knows that no matter what life throws at her, she’ll never be far from her notebook and pen to help her along the way. As she continues to write about her experiences, thoughts and struggles in the form of poetry, she hopes to inspire others to do the same.


Here is her winning poem, Time Flies:

They say that time flies,

And it brings what it brings.

From ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes’,

To the crazy things.


The highs of our lives,

To the falls and the stings.

We watch time go by,

And wish to cut up its wings.