Amanda Lorens - The Story Republic

Amanda Lorens

Amanda Lorens is a visual artist based in Cornwall. Her current work incorporates video, sound, animation, sculpture, installation and live art. She has been exhibiting since 1990, both in the UK and internationally making work for both gallery and site-specific locations. She works as a freelance artist in education running workshops in schools, colleges, galleries, community arts and festivals.

Alessandra Ausenda - The Story Republic

Alessandra Ausenda

Alessandra Ausenda is a visual artist working in the field of sculpture and installation. Her work with schools, young people and communities over the years has included a wide range of activities and collaborations. Through participation, elements of her creative practice have often come together with education projects resulting in large-scale, multimedia installations.

Jon Keyes

Jon Keyes

Visual Artist

John Keys paints and makes installations concerned with journeys, particularly in relation to the natural environment.

He currently lives in Penzance, Cornwall where he maintains a studio practice. He has exhibited in commercial and public galleries regionally and nationally and created site specific installations for public spaces and events.

Since 2003 John Keys has been a resident artist at the Dakhleh Oasis Archaeological Project in south west Egypt.  He has travelled widely, particularily in Africa, which has influenced his work greatly.

Jon has been working with KEAP for the last few years and designed our wonderful Story Republic structure which has toured over 8 different locations.