Tales of many times at Trelissick with the Story Republicans

Date: 1st October 2016 - 30th October 2016, Time: 12:00 am, Location: Trelissick House and Gardens

Explore Trelissick this autumn and, while engaging your inner writer, experience the house and gardens in a whole new light.

As part of our work with the National Trust, Story Republic writers and artists have been exploring lists, old love letters, accounts ledgers and ancient ship’s logs for moments, both dramatic and everyday,  that tell the story of life at Trelissick over the centuries.

In each of the rooms, visitors will find a writing desk installation and the Story Republicans bring to life the themes and stories that the desks have been inspired by. Visitors can take part by writing their own love letter, a postcard or entering a Captain’s log.

The Drawing Room – the place where Ida Copeland did her correspondence.  Here the visitor is encouraged to explore the art of the love letter.
The Morning Room – Trelissick has the most beautiful views.  Like Leonard Cunnliffe, look and admire, then write your own descriptive postcard.
The Dining Room – big houses require big amounts of money.  Shudder under the mountain of debt and write your own promissory note for unpaid debts – this could include cake or washing up …
The East Library – this is linking Trelissick to the wider world, its maritime history and the extraordinary adventures of the Lobb brothers from Devoran who were plant hunters in the 1840s.  Many of the seeds they brought back are now mature plants and trees in the garden.  Write your entry in the ship’s log.
The West Library – this is exploring the people who lived and worked around Trelissick as shown in the 1841 Census.  Join the census for 2016 and write your own stories taking inspiration from the lists of names.
The Kitchen and café – hosts an exhibition of photographic portraits by Steve Tanner of Cornish writers in the spaces where they choose to write.  These are gathered in the new publication
A Space to Write.


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Date: 1st October 2016 - 30th October 2016
Time: 12:00 am
Location: Feock
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