by Sarah Connors, workshop leader


Poem by Diane Simkin, ‘Everybody has a Story’ workshop participant

If I were to feast on life

I’d pick out the juicy bits

The melt-in-the-mouth


That burst on the tongue

Spread outwards

Suffuse my whole


With sweetness


I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the facilitators in the ‘Everyone has a story’ project at the Writers Block.  We run writing workshops for adults who love to write, regardless of age or experience.

It has been a wonderful experience talking and working along side our dynamic group of writers,  each of whom have a plethora of ideas to write about. Each session lasts for two hours and involves practical scenarios to prompt writers into ‘telling’ a story.  We’ve covered lots of things,  from settings, plot and character, companioned with copious cups of coffee and lots of giggles to boot.  Many members of the group went away buzzing with ideas and continued writing at home. One group member wrote an article for her local magazine!  There’s something liberating about letting the words flow in a safe and encouraging environment and then sharing work with others.

Everyone has a story! What a joyful opportunity it has been for us all to tell them with pride and confidence.


Group Poem by Everybody has a Story

The bitter cold of chains

That bind their wrists

The sweeter taste of freedom

In this kiss.


Knowing there is more out there

And, although knowing

We won’t know it all

Enjoying the journey

To that knowledge.


It was a good life and,

Hopefully, I’ve left the ingredients


And the recipe for others

To feast on.


If I were to feast on life

It would be with your hand

On my shoulder

Ghost-light, heart-steady

And books before us, unread

Stories unbegun.


When we feast on life

Meandering along the valleys

And struggling up the mountain

We know

What we can achieve.