This week has been really busy and we’re only half way through! So far, we’ve had visits from Penryn College students plus Constantine, Mylor Bridge, Kennall Vale and Mabe primary schools.

The schools have been entranced by the installation, and have been writing postcards as it they were on holiday in The Story Republic, plus taking part in dance workshops or making new art work like messages in bottles.

Here is a taster of some of the work:

Mylor Bridge

‘I really like your fish, and your box is really epic…your jelly fish is really cute’ Ciara

‘I really like the fish chandelier as the light at the top makes the fishes silver backs glow’ Naomi


‘I love the book that reads Charles Causley poems & poems that other people have written. I am surrounded by similes.’ Jemima

‘My favourite part is Penryn Junior School’s stories, they’re amazing!’ Kian

‘I think The Story Republic reminds me of the Caribbean because the poems are imaginative and so is the Caribbean…’

Constantine pupils writing under the Fish Chandelier