A Forgotten Treasure


Crunch, clatter, crash,
Blazing furnace, coal at heart
Deafening explosions emanate from the depths
Icy winds numb work-worn fingers
Crib the only release from the white monotony;
Which engulfs them until the bell sounds freedom.
Until tomorrow.

Now, a war zone calling,
The relentless misery haunts the workers,
The abandonment of where their heart thrives;
Replaced with the pull of triggers and brutal deaths.
Sobbing descends from forlorn spouses,
Children oblivious to the fates ahead
An untouched beginning yet a fatal end.

Return in five years’ time,
A mighty chasm, but,
Doomed ivy festoons droop like heavy tears,
Swirling dust rising to the bloodshot moon.
A foliage cascade shelters the forgotten contraption
The hoary water-wheel like a brain, a cog, thinking.
A chaotic workplace, lost, gone.