Many, many years ago, in the Rainbow mounains, there lived a young wolf called Benjaimin. He was bored with just standing around waiting for something to happen so, one day, he set off to find something to do. When dusk fell, he set off.
Before he had gotten far, it began to get very dark so, he settled down under the nearest oak tree and soon fell asleep. However, not long after he had fallen asleep, he was woken by a strange noise! What could have made it? For a few minutes he tried to see, then, suddenly there was total blackness!
Upon waking up, Benjamin found himself in a large glass cage.
“Tell me where I am!” demanded Benjamin, suddenly seeing a bulky polar bear.
“Oh, as if I’m going to do that!” chuckled the polar bear menacingly.
“But you have to!” cried Benjamin.
After a long time, the conversation ended and the polar bear left to go to bed. “I must find a way to get out of here,” whispered Benjamin to himself. After a lot of heaving and pushing, huffing and puffing, Benjamin finally broke the glass and began sneaking soundlessly like a mouse towards the door. However, because of the dark, he acidentally bumped into a wall, waking up the polar bear! As the polar bear was trying to sleep, he sent his vicious snow leopard guards after Benjamin. “Kill him!” echoed the polar bear’s erie cries. As they kept darting at the speed of light, Benjamin noticed that they were nearing a wall, and before long, he was cornered! Was this the end of the line for Benjamin?
At what he thought was his last moment of his life, Benjamin looked up. Not too long after, the guards looked up too. Benjamin noticed a bright golden light coming towards them. As it came closer, Benjamin saw it was a golden owl! When it landed, it seemed in a hurry. “Jump on my back,now!” shouted the owl. So, without hesition, Benjamin jumped on and soon they where flying back towards the Rainbow mountains.
Soon they where nearing their destination and Benjamin was really excited. “Hey,Mr Owl,thanks for taking me home!” There was no reply.
“Well, thank you for saving me mainly!” This time the Owl did answer.
“Hey kid, it wasn’t about saving you, well,um…just consider I didn’t do anything.” Benjamin looked blank.The Owl tutted and turned his head round again.
“ did do it, and I’m considering it!” After a little while, the two arrived back at the Rainbow mountains.
“Thank you!” shouted Benjamin.
As Benjamin grew up, he told evey one he knew about his adventure. So now his great, great, great, great, great, great, great grand children know and so do you!

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  1. Amanda Harris

    Well done Lyra and well done Benjamin for getting away from that terrifying polar bear and his snow leopard guards. Thank you for sharing your story.
    best wishes

    Feb 03, 2015 @ 6:44 pm