Beryle Banana


Beryle the Banana was a very prim and proper banana. She was quite small but very attractive and like a lot of smaller folk she was plucky and resolute, always ready to meet a challenge and invariably had something to say for herself. She proudly announced to the rest of the fruit in the bowl. “I’m a Canarian!” Two bright red apples conspicuously yawned. “That means I’ve come from the Canary Islands” she insisted. An orange rolled away to the edge of the bowl turning his back on her. Undaunted she continued “My family are Dwarf Cavendishes from Tenerife and I was told I was the best in the bunch, so there! I never came crammed into a common cargo ship, I arrived in the hold of a magnificent cruise ship”. Beryle was indeed a beautiful little banana and the rest of the occupants of the bowl were just consumed with jealousy.
But Beryle was just consumed.

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  1. amanda harris

    love this short fruity tale with the laugh out loud last two lines!

    Jun 22, 2021 @ 12:01 pm