Bouncing on the Bed by Pat Vaughan


‘Bouncing on the Bed’ is a piece written in response to an exercise on our Everybody has a Story workshop.


Having climbed the mountain to get onto the bed.  I felt very unsteady and silly.  I got my balance and bounced nearly banging my head on the ceiling.  As I bounced I laughed.  I felt like a naughty child, but it was great.  I was out of breath; I fell to my knees laughing again about how I should act my age.  No. why can’t I bounce on the bed if I want to.  Age is a barrier to nothing as long as I don’t hurt myself.  I have not had so much fun in years.  I will do it again the next time I feel down, as it lifted my mood so much.

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  1. Amanda Harris

    Keep bouncing Pat! I’m going to take your tip especially as I have quite high ceilings …

    Jul 13, 2020 @ 2:42 pm