Competition 2020 – 2nd place 12-17 years


2nd place

12-17 years category


The Ship

by Willow Lane


Ava woke up to the sound of car doors slamming and tyres rolling and grinding over hundreds of tiny stones as her parents drove off to work. They both worked as scientists at Space Inc. They got to take part in amazing experiments every day, and even launch crews into space.

Everything about the night sky fascinated Ava, from the planets revolving around the sun, to the mystery of black holes. Every night, she would look up to the stars, and wonder. At school, she was an expert at every subject. However, she was well known for science. She could answer almost every question about it, particularly if it had anything to do with space.

It was Saturday, so Ava decided to go for a morning walk through the woods. She stumbled out of bed, got dressed and then ate breakfast whilst looking out the window to watch the sunrise. It was a beautiful summer morning; the sun was smiling at everything and everyone, birds were chirping cheerfully in the cherry blossom trees and the grass was a verdant green and shimmering with dew like stars in the night sky. Ava lived in the countryside. The Wilsons had had a bad experience with the city when they lived in central London and didn’t want anything else to do with grimy city life. The air pollution was so severe, the family regularly had to wear masks when walking around the city, as they could feel the toxic particles snatching at their lungs and burning their hearts.

Ava pulled on her shoes, went out into the garden and set off into the crowd of whispering trees, which were like guards to the wilderness beyond. It smelt so fresh in the woods, like damp moss and pine needles. And every now and then, Ava would hear the satisfying snap of a fallen branch crunching beneath her feet.

As Ava wandered round a corner, she found herself suddenly halt. A huge path of destruction, 60 feet across, lay before her. Whole trees were crushed, grass ripped up from the ground. Massive splinters of wood lay everywhere. As Ava came closer, she realised that scattered everywhere were also shiny, metal structures which appeared to have broken off from something far bigger. Ava walked further up the hill to get a better view. From the top, she could see over the whole city; the towering skyscrapers, bustling city teeming with busy workers- and a ship. A massive ship.

Tentatively, she edged towards the ship until she was at the open entrance. Ava was terrified. Where was whoever or whatever came off that ship? Every inch of her body was frozen like ice. She couldn’t move an inch. A branch snapped. She looked round. Everything was about to change…

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  1. Jane Pugh

    Gripped throughout and a cliff-hanger ending! What’s not to like!??

    May 27, 2020 @ 6:03 pm