Competition 2020 – runner up 8-11 years


runner up

8-11 years


Scruff always Barks

by Nathan Davey


This is scruff. He barks at everything like:

Leaves, rollercoasters, strangers, trampolines, houses, swings and mostly anything on flames. But he really, really doesn’t like people with masks. Once his owner Jack, was at a fancy-dress party and he barked at absolutely everyone.

“Shush scruff, it’s time for pass-the-parcel!”

When our story begins it’s the night with everyone happy as they had scrumptious roast dinner in there tummy. But scruff was

awake. Then he heard clanging and bashing. He ran down the stairs into the kitchen and guess what he saw… ROBERS! In their house! He barked at them and barked at them until,

“Scruff! What’s all the ruckus?” It was their mum.

She came down immediately to find the robbers in her kitchen! Then she called 999 and the police came in a second!

“Scruff you’re a good dog!” everyone said.

And on Monday they gave him a big sausage sandwich!

The end, for now!