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8-11 years category


The Change of a Lifetime

by Mohamed Yahie


Life changes, at least that’s what my mum told me when my best friend moved away to his family in the USA. He was my only friend and the only one who actually wanted to be my friend. Everyone else wanted to be my friend because I could hack into any website they wanted me to. When he moved away, I had no friends to turn to, no one who actually understood me. You must have known that I was elated when my school was having a field trip trip to the same part of the USA and the school said that he could come on the school trip with us! When I went on the school trip, I was eagerly awaiting my friend’s come but he never came. The school trip ended but my mum and dad had me book a later ticket so I could go and see him in his house. When I went to his house his mum opened the door and asked me to come in. She told me that he was in his room and he would like to see me. I went up to his room and went inside. He was at his computer, typing some code. I asked how he was doing but he just responded with,

“Please don’t disturb me I was hired by a gang of cyber hackers and now they want me to hack the US federal bank so they can steal the money from it.”

“Good,” I say but then I say “Wait, what? You were hired by a gang of cyber hackers when you have no experience at hacking?”

He just grunted and kept on hacking. We had a conversation about how he should stop hacking and how you will be arrested. He finally agreed and said he would stop hacking, but he would have to do one more job before he stops hacking: hacking the hackers. He knew their plan and how they were going to get in so if he hacked their GPS and sent them to the other side of town then he would have lots of time to call the police and tell them to heighten security around the bank for the next few weeks and look out for a gang of three people hanging around near the bank. A few weeks later the police told us that the perpetrators have been arrested and they thanked us as those people were very bad cyber hackers and there was a bounty of 1 million US Dollars if you had information leading to their capture and my friend only started hacking because he was short of money. So, when his mum found out he got her 1 million dollars she started crying. I went back home and my mum and dad asked me what I did, I calmly replied

“I stopped a gang of cyber hackers” then went to my room to go to bed.