Fall apart


Laila Evergreen has 14 matching mustard coloured plates,

And she keeps them in the cupboard to the left of the cupboard under the sink, just next to her grandmother’s brandy glasses.

She bought them on offer at Tesco’s,

And although they are all the same width, the same height, the same size

When they are stacked together

They look like

they will



The 6th plate from the top juts out perilously

The 2nd plate from the bottom fails to hold the others securely

And the mustard, polished plates provide little comfort to Laila

Because to her

They look like

they will



The top 3 have fingerprints on the rim, but have never had food in them

They are never handled but never dusty

The mustard is a sickening colour, but they are always ready to be used regardless

Laila Evergreen bought the plates 23 months ago for a dinner party in a chilly November

With an organised car share of two six seaters and a weather warning from the Met Office

No one made it to the party, and the predicted awkwardness has stopped any of her other friends coming since.

But Laila tries not to think of it

she feels like

she is