From the moment Acer took his first steps into Getlesburg, a clash of raging rivers suddenly stopped in front of him like a meerkat poking out of his hole.
In front of his eyes, snow was drifting through the air like a feather in the wind. His eyes widened at the magnificent sight that lay before him!
He stood. Gobsmacked! His heart was pounding with excitment! Where was he? Could this place be so spectacular?
The grass stood tall and purple, as a mountain of ice reflected in the sunshine. Vivid, wonderful colours enveloped the land ecstatically!
Behind the mountains, massive black cacti roamed the desert. Microscopic snakes slithered along the sand, hissing and howling like a bomb that is about to explode!

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  1. Amanda Harris

    Well done Isaac and Gilly
    This feels like a dangerous place to be and Acer knows it too. I wonder what is going to happen next now you have built up such a sense of tension…
    Keep writing

    Feb 03, 2015 @ 6:40 pm