It Hadn’t Been a Good Week by Martin Richards


‘It Hadn’t Been a Good Week’ is a piece written in response to an exercise on our Everybody has a Story workshop.


It hadn’t been a good week up until now.  The drink with Simon turned into an emotional mess.  How was I supposed to know that his wife was seeing someone else?  If I’d known, then I wouldn’t have spent half an hour telling him about the ski trip with Alice.

And Alice, I thought we were going to be ok after I surprised her by turning up at the Open Mic; she seemed pleased that I was there.  But then she forgot the words to ‘Tiny Dancer’ and ran off the stage.  Another evening that ended in tears.

And now I’m here, reclining on my cliff-top perch, sun sparkling off the water.  There is an occasional walker to nod to but, apart from that, there is total peace.  All there is to do is eat my ham sandwiches and finish the rest of the coffee in the flask.  Of course, Alice would refuse to drink flask coffee, and she would have turned her nose up at these dry sandwiches.  Maybe I’m better off on my own after all?

Gulls circle in front of me, riding the currents of air that blow up from the sea, gloriously free of the weight of human struggles.

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  1. Amanda Harris

    I can taste that sandwich and the coffee. Why do they always taste better outside?

    Jul 13, 2020 @ 2:40 pm