Tangled in a wire, yet the wire ceases to
Exist I do not, yet people know my
Calling out to the other outcasts,
Yet no-one answers.
Lost yet again, but this path seems
Familiar I am not to history, yet I belong in this
Time is but a concept,
Which no-one understands.
Water collides with itself, only to create
More joy is what people seek, yet they find
Emptiness is just a view,
Which no-one enjoys.
Clay can be moulded, yet progress can be
Reset humanity’s choices, a wish of
Many people succumb to these thoughts,
Although no-one admits it.
Fashion is a statement, yet people are
Wary ideals tempt humanity, however
Perfect is considered our world,
Which no-one agrees with.
Consciousness is a vision, which everyone
Fears are misunderstood, they are a path to
Forgiveness is a sin,
Which everyone appreciates.

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  1. Amanda Harris

    Thank you Joe for submitting this thought provoking poem. I would love to hear it read aloud to see where you pause or keep going …Very clever!

    Jan 09, 2018 @ 3:35 pm