Penelope Jenner


Penelope Jenner

(inspired by The Story Republic 2013)


Penelope Jenner

married a tenor,

third to the left

in the choir.


Joe Semmens his name

his visage quite plain

but Penelope’s heart

was a-fire.


She fell for his voice.

He was her choice

each note sent her

all of a-flutter.


She met him in April.

They married in June,

and Penelope first

heard Joe’s stutter.


When it came to ‘I do’

Joe said not a word;

and the Vicar said,

“Sing out, don’t mutter!”


So he sang out in ‘A’

and still, to this day,

there’s no happier home

in Treleigh,


Than the cottage that stands

to the right of the church,

where the gossip is

always in “A”.


(c) 2013 Pauline Sheppard