Primary Creative Writing Club 21st May


This week Jude Carroll encourages you to escape from the real world for a little while.

Activity 1: Words warm up

Make new words by changing one letter at a time.

For example: park – dark – dare – mare – mark – bark – bare – bars – bags – bogs – logs – legs – less (and so on).

How many can you do in two minutes?

Start with: home (or choose your own start word)

Look at your list of words.   Make up a sentence which includes as many of those words as you can fit in.  It should make grammatical sense but can still be nonsense!

Activity 2: We are staying at home a lot, aren’t we?

Perhaps you are imagining somewhere you would like to be?  Utopia is the name for a place (invented by Thomas More 500 years ago) where everything is perfect.

Write down some ideas for your Utopia.  Think about:

  • How would Utopia be different from the real world we live in?
  • Would there be rules and laws? What would they be?
  • How would we travel about?
  • What would our homes be like?

Now make a drawing to illustrate your Utopia.

Activity 3:  Write a diary for one day spent in Utopia.  It can be in cartoon form if you like.

Activity 4:  Talk to someone else in your household about their Utopia.  How is it different from yours?

Lastly, people in my Utopia would be kind to each other.  Find someone at home and say something kind to them.