Primary Creative Writing Club 7 May


This week’s task: Creating Theatre!

Hello everyone!

Over the last three weeks, you have created three fantastic characters and  introduced them to a world where they must complete an important task.

This week, I challenge you to write a short play (no longer than two pages) and perform it at home with your family.

Your play should  include:

  •             Your three characters
  •             Your chosen world/setting
  •             The important task your characters must undertake
  •             The problem they face when trying to undertake the task.
  •             The ending.


The wonderful thing about theatre is that anything is possible.  The audience will believe the worlds you create and the people in them.  If you have a garden, it could become a magical forest – Your front room could become a palace – Your bedroom a spaceship. Anything is possible in theatre so long as you tell the audience what it is.

Tip 2

I know you are all fantastic playwrights so the most important thing is to have lots of fun writing your play. Think about what you could use around your house as costumes, props and/or furniture to help perform your story.  Please make sure you ask permission from an adult.

Tip 3

Keep it simple.  Plays are about what the audience can hear and see.  Keep your dialogue (what each character says) simple and clear. Don’t overcrowd or complicate your story line:

  •             Let the audience meet your characters
  •             Introduce the world
  •             Introduce the important task
  •             The problem/obstacle that is stopping them complete the task
  •             How does it end.

Tip 4

Once you have written your play, rehearse it with other people at home.  If you do not have three people at home, you could consider your scaredy cat character staying silent throughout the play.

Tip 5

Consider filming your play and sharing it with the Writers’ Block.  Try really hard not to look at the camera when you are filming.


I hope you enjoy creating a little bit of theatre.

Next week the lovely Jude will be setting some exciting things for you to write about.

Keep happy and safe everyone and I look forward to us all meeting again at the Writers’ Block.