Primary Creative Writing Club 11th June


Hello Everyone.

Did you guess last week’s riddle? What occurs once in a lifetime, twice in a moment, but never in one hundred years?             (answer: the letter m)


Activity 1  Word warm up: How many words can you make in 5 minutes using the letters of the word celebration?  You can use each letter only once (except the letter e which appears twice).  What is the longest word you made?


Activity 2: This is the last primary writing club for a while so let’s plan a party!

  • Where will you hold it? Use your imagination; it could be anywhere in the world.
  • Draw the clothes or costume you will wear.
  • Who will you invite? (friends, celebrities, fictional or historical characters are all welcome)
  • What will be on the menu?
  • What games will you play?
  • What music will you dance to?

Now write the invitation!


Activity 3: Everything is ready for your amazing party.  The guests arrive.  Everything is going brilliantly.  Then something unexpected happens (is it something which makes it even more special or is it a disaster?). Continue the story of your party:

I looked around at everyone enjoying themselves.  Some were tucking into the delicious food, some were chatting to their fellow guests, others were dancing and singing, having a great time.  Suddenly ….


.Activity 4:   After a party, everything needs to be tidied up and put away.  Are you good at that?  This is a special cupboard – it reminds me of one at The Writers’ Block.  What does this cupboard hold?  Are there lots of compartments?  Describe and/or draw the contents of this unusual piece of furniture.


I hope you keep well and happy through the summer. Keep writing, and goodbye for now!