Primary Creative Writing Video Prompts


Sarah Connors is a playwright living in Hayle.  She has been running our Primary Creative Writing Club at The Writers’ Block and here offers a series of creative writing video prompts created during Covid-19 lockdown to keep primary-aged children inspired and writing.

“This might sound strange but at the beginning of the lockdown, I didn’t feel that my writing process would be affected.  It’s not unusual for me to be in my shed or kitchen, tapping away at my laptop for days on end.  Going out can sometimes be a hindrance when I am in the flow of writing.  Quite often, my husband will have to remind me I haven’t been out of the house for two days!  So, being stuck in doors didn’t seem that different.  How wrong I was!  Being forced into a lockdown has given me time to reflect on where and how I get my inspiration for stories.  Quite often it’s from overheard snippets of conversations in a cafe or random strangers I might meet whilst walking the dog, or simply staring at the many beautiful views around Hayle.  So, in such times when we are all adapting to the new world, I’ve sought out inspiration from my own home.  Boxes of cereal become tower blocks, salt cellars become cathedrals, squares of tin foil form into unexpected objects and collections of fruit begin to show themselves as characters. For me, this unprecedented phase of lockdown has fostered new ways of thinking.  I hope my ideas give you something to think about and that you too can use items from around your home to inspire writing.” Sarah Connors, June 2020