Sharp Dancing by Pat Vaughan


Fred’s life was good he’d been a scissor sharpener for 20 years and very skilled. He’s tall and thin like dressmaking scissors.  His conversations at work are short and blunt like grape scissors.  He loves to dance, he can be seen cutting up the dance floor at the local ballroom. A sharp dresser, always at the cutting edge of fashion.  His mood at work is totally different, he hardly speaks, due to the noise of the grinding wheel, his replies are as sharp as dental scissors.  He keeps to the point, cutting to the chase if it goes on to long.  On leaving work his mood changes, as if he has been polished to a sparkling shine.  His face changes from serious professional to carefree dancer.  The last two weeks at the ballroom he’d seen a new lady, she was sharp like the scissors he made.  He watched her dance with other men at the ballroom. Fred smiled as he watched them fall over each other to dance with her. She certainly can dance, her clothes are so precise compared to the other ladies.  As he watches he takes in snippets of information about her, she is tall and thin. Her blonde hair perfectly dressed, she wore glasses, that suited the shape of her face.  Her make-up flawless.  A gold chain filled the neckline of her dress royal blue dress, just below the knee. She did not wear a wedding ring.  Her shoes, pretty with a small heel.  Fred looked at her. He so wanted to dance with her, the competition was too much, he would bide his time.  He waited until it was time for the band to take a break. He strode up to her, held out his hand, smiling and said “Hi, I ‘m Fred can I get you a drink”.  She smiled and asked for a tea, milk no sugar. Just the way Fred took his tea.  He disappeared soon returning with the drinks.  He sat with her, she introduced herself as June. They chatted about the ballroom while they drank their tea.  The band returned and Fred asked for the next dance.  As they waltzed around the room, she looked into his eyes, she could see the sheer pleasure he got from dancing, just as she did.  As the evening progressed they danced every dance together.  No one else got a look in, they were happy.  The night came to an end, Fred asked June if he could take her home. She was happy he asked.  Fred was certainly a cut above the rest. As he drove her home he asked what she did for a living.  She said she was a tailoress.  Fred laughed, he told her that he made scissors.  June replied they were obviously cut out for each other. They arranged to meet at the ballroom next week.