Competition 2020 – 1st place 18+ poetry


1st place

18+ poetry category

‘Tadpole’ by Tessa Nicholson won 1st place in the 18+ poetry category of our Creative Writing 2020 Competition. The piece, read by Jo Lumber a performer for The Story Republic, was recorded for Source FM to be aired on the station’s ‘Story Hour’. Listen and read the poem below.



by Tessa Nicholson


You held our attention like a press briefing. Many times, you played dead

Only to kick into life when we were least expecting.

When legs jumped out, we had to feed you

Meat – liver, bacon, the odd fishfinger – to stop you from eating each other;

A feverish fact for two small boys already prone to woodlice torture.

Named, argued over, prodded and spat on (once), brutally ignored,

You knew nothing of the toddler’s anxiety about the moon falling out of the sky

Or the daily death toll;

You were locked down in frog-eat-frog survival

And for that, I salute you.

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  1. Jane Pugh

    Tadpoles squirming together – great metaphor for our poor suffering over populated planet. It’s funny too. I didn’t know frogs ate liver. Gross!

    May 27, 2020 @ 5:49 pm