The extremely brilliant baby


Once upon a baby, (only joking), there was a brilliant baby, who could do everything and anything. Except that nobody knew.

In London, there was a huge problem and no-one knew what to do. All was definitely not well. The Prime Minister had a headache and he had to decide whether or not the country should invade France. Even The most brilliant minds in the country were baffled, they didn’t know what to do. Nobody could get this decision right. However, the extremely brilliant baby knew just what to do.

She said. “Don’t worry, I’ll fix this.” The Prime Minister said to her rudely that babies couldn’t do world politics. So listen to this…

The baby called the army and said, “It’s off.” She spoke to the Queen and said. “Time for tea, Your Majesty” and she informed the Prime Minister that the problem was solved. Everyone cheered loudly.

What an extremely brilliant baby!