The Hiding Place by Martin Richards


‘The Hiding Place’ is a short piece written in response to an exercise on our Everybody has a Story workshop.


Where would you hide?

At the end of our garage there is a room with no windows.  The only way in is through a small door, about 5 feet high.  This is where I would hide.

When we came to view the house, we looked in the garage, but up against this tiny door, the previous owners had propped some old roof sheets, so you couldn’t tell there was anything there.  After moving in, we found this secret room which, it turned out, is where the former occupiers grew their cannabis.

If you pulled up an old piece of plywood behind you as you backed through the little door then no one would know your hiding place existed, let alone that you were in there.

My friend Gavin, who has used the secret room to store some of his possessions when he has been between houses, likes to call it the ‘Fritzl Room’.  This is of course after the horrible case of the monstrous Josef Fritzl, the Austrian who imprisoned his children in their own home.  Needless to say, we haven’t yet used it for imprisoning our children, despite the temptation.

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  1. Amanda Harris

    I like the way this starts off as a description of a simple secret room but but has a disconcerting twist by simply giving it a name.

    Jul 13, 2020 @ 2:45 pm