The Seasons


Spring Poem

A wave of colour approaches the meadow,

Flowers bursting out here and there

Trees reaching up at the pastel blue sky

As buds cling to their bark

Birds sing the Morning Chorus

And a cool breeze passes by.


Spring Short Story

The girl twirls at the loose ends of her ponytail and smiles. Her dog walks beside her, its big paws kicking up sand as it trots along. The spring surf rolls in and the ice blue water crashes onto the sand.

“Bee!” A voice calls out.

The dog’s ears spring up and its head whips around towards the voice.

It barks once. Twice.

The girl and the dog head towards the voice. The girl embraces her mother and they turn to stare at the sea in union.

A seagull spirals overhead and the dog zooms off, once more its mind distracted by the thought of play.

Summer Poem

It’s the sun and the shade.

The water to wade.

It’s the barbecues at night.

The urge to fly a kite.

It’s the sea and the sand.

The tourists, half burnt, half tanned.

It’s the feel of wind on your face.

The ride in the car as you go from place to place.

It’s a hot sunny sky.

That why oh why…

I love summer.


Summer Short Story

The teenager strolls along the shore, her surfboard propped under one arm. After sending a glance at a figure in the distance, she faces the big toiling mass of blue.  Without hesitating, she runs eagerly into the water. Placing her board beside her, she clambers on.

Watching the shadow, she is warned of a wave and her body jumps in action. Her arms turn into windmills and her legs brace themselves. The wave lifts her board and pushes her along. Her body shifts and she stands. All at once the world flies by and the feeling of freedom floods though her. Water sprays all around her and she is submerged into her own joyful place.