The very fat pig


Once upon a time, there lived a greedy, fat, chubby pig. His name was Finny but the other pigs made his life a misery by calling him names, like Biggy. One day, Finny got so angry that he jumped on top of them (the pig bullies) and squashed them.
It was said that the farmer could hear the loud snapping noise of the other pigs’ bones cracking from miles away. But all too soon, the day that no pig wants to think about, came. It was time for Finny and the other remaining pigs to go to the butchers. It was Finny first… he was thrown into the lorry and the vehicle shot off into the distance.
Later, when they arrived at the butcher’s shop, everything was oddly quiet, everyone had gone. The butcher reached for his sharp, silver blade of a knife. It glinted dangerously in the moonlight. It was now or never, thought Finny.
The next morning, policeman Stuart came in to buy his bacon rashers but there was no sign of the butcher. He waited patiently but the butcher still didn’t arrive. Can you work out what had happened the night before? The huge pig had chopped up the butcher instead! Hmmm. Not what you were expecting. He hadn’t planned on that either!
It didn’t take long for the policeman to realise that he was in mortal danger. Soon the pig had turned on him too. “No need to panic,” he muttered aloud, as the pig chased him hungrily and the two of them rushed about the room.
Luckily, the policeman spotted a Barbie doll, in the corner of the ancient butcher’s shop. He knew a very little known fact about pigs – they adore Barbie dolls. Before long, the pig was playing happily on the floor with the Barbie doll, and the policeman sighed with relief. After that, the pig decided to go a date with the Barbie.