The most recent workshop for young writers brightened a dreary December day. The approach of winter put us in mind of exploring seasonal change through our writing, with exercises that included writing a recipe for your favourite season, letters from one season to another, and haiku on the theme of change.

One bold young writer came in and shared a piece she had been working on just that morning with us. It was inspiring to see what active minds can dream up at short notice. The atmospheric opening later formed part of the sharing that we held for family and friends.

After considering seasonal change, we changed tack slightly into a more general consideration of change. The young people had fifteen minutes to write four haiku on this theme, and the exercise proved fertile ground for the young writers and facilitators alike.

Just for fun, here’s one of mine:

Caterpillar blooms
Role model with many legs
I am hungry too

In addition to showing off their new writing, the young people also took the opportunity to share the Story Boxes that they made during the November workshop. Having fun and expressing yourself is at the heart of all good writing, and we look forward to continuing to provide space for young writers to develop their skills and interests. Whether we are exploring seasonal change or navigating changes within our lives, writing provides a safe container for thoughts, feelings and ideas that deserve to be expressed.

My wish for all who read this as the nights draw in: some space and time with a notebook to make sense of past events, and plan for things to come. Writing is play and joy, and brings opportunities for self discovery and exploration. Creative time is an important escape.


Blog by writer, Casey Bottono.