The Story Republic CD

Delight in hearing stories, poems and songs read by the Story Republicans and written by a selection of Cornish writers and lyricists including Annamarie Murphy, Roger Bryant and the late Charles Causley.

Tracks include How the Sea by Charles Causley, Cornish Lads by Roger Bryant, I Here Thee Sing by Cyril Tawney and Sweet Nightingale.

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Track Listing
How the Sea, Charles Causley
Cornish Lads, Roger Bryant
Lodey’s Catch, Annamaria Murphy
I Hear Thee Sing, Cyril Tawney
Figgie Hobbin, Charles Causley
Cure the Sickness of the Heart, Amanda Harris
Tell Me, Tell Me Sarah Jane, Charles Causley
Nicholas Naylor, Charles Causley
What Happened? Charles Causley
South Australia
Tremethick Connections, Elaine Ruth White
Tanya Triggs, Callum Mitchell
My Young Man’s A Cornishman, Charles Causley
Sweet Nightingale
Shoes, Annamaria Murphy
The Farewell Shanty, Mervyn Vincent