The Songs for Earth service, to celebrate our planet and the children who are fighting for it, held at Truro Cathedral on Sunday 17th November 2019 marked the first time the Young Writers of The Writers’ Block had been invited to present their work at a high profile event. Strains of ‘If You’re Happy And You Know It’ re-written to sing ‘If you’re plastic free and know it’ rang out through the middle of Truro as children from local primary schools warmed up for their big performances.

Whilst taking our seats at the front of the nave, we were serenaded by children singing ‘Stand By Me’, the perfect opening song to an event dedicated to rallying young climate activists.

As well as the reading of our Young Writers’ group poem ‘Beloved’, by workshop leader Olivia Lowry, one of our Young Writers also read a poem of her own. Pixie’s poem ‘Our Greatest Treasure’ was a rallying call to all present to take care of our beautiful planet.

‘The Earth is giving humans one moment of pleasure
If we don’t stop now, our planet will soon be gone forever’

Our Greatest Treasure – by Young Writer Pixie

It was a real privilege to be part of such an important and topical event. Creativity provides as good a way as any of spreading the message on climate change. Our Young Writers have risen to the challenge of tackling this important issue throughout our recent workshops, and this will continue to be an important theme in their work.

The Young Writers and Workshop Leaders of The Writers’ Block were very grateful to be offered this fantastic opportunity, hopefully the first of many exciting events. It will be great to see what comes of partnerships between The Writers’ Block and other organisations in the future.

Our group poem, ‘Beloved’, can be read here on the Places of Poetry website.