KEAP and book printers TJ International are delighted to launch their newest publication Let the Adventure Begin… An anthology of short stories by children on June 27th at The Writers’ Block in Cornwall College Camborne to coincide with National Writing Day.

Children from Crowan, Blackwater, Fowey and St Mewan Schools along with the Virtual Schools and The Young Writers’ Group have all been attending sessions at The Writers’ Block.  All of the sessions have been led by professional writers Wyl Menmuir, Rebecca Gregson and Jane Pugh with the aim to foster a love of writing through encouraging children’s imaginations, developing their confidence as writers and giving them time to create and write.

The stories and poems in this anthology come straight from the young writers’ notebooks and reflect the stage at which they are now in their writing (and not yet where they aspire to be).  They are a part of a learning process to encourage an enthusiasm for writing which we hope will develop into a love of language and storytelling.” Amanda Harris, director of KEAP and The Writers’ Block.

The stories are of epic journeys, terrifying battles and terrible encounters with beasts and aliens.  Some are very funny, others poignant and many quite surreal.  There is descriptive writing where the writer is evidently taking delight in manipulating language and creating an effect for the reader.  They are all different.

The Writers’ Block is a place of wonder and imagination in which to create, shape and share stories and creative writing. Transformed, by artists and carpenters, from two disused classrooms, it is a unique space of inspiration and ingenuity.

Before, I wasn’t very confident which meant I didn’t enjoy it as much but now I’ve gained confidence and I really enjoy writing.” Pupil from The Writers’ Block.

One of our aims is to give a platform for children’s writing to give them a sense of a wider audience.  TJ International has given immeasurable support by printing this book.  Each child will be given a copy at the launch event.

TJ are proud to collaborate with KEAP on this exciting new anthology. Supporting literacy at the grass-roots level in Cornwall is something we have always been passionate about. We hope that seeing their stories in print will serve to nurture creative writing talent in the future. Hannah Vaughan, TJ International

For further information www.thestoryrepublic/the-writers-block