Development Team

Created by Amanda Harris at KEAP and well known Cornish writer Annamaria Murphy, the Story Republic team encompasses writers, artists, and performers.

Amanda Harris - The Story republic

Amanda Harris

Director of KEAP

Amanda has run KEAP for the last 15 years and before that worked with Kneehigh Theatre and ACT. The Story Republic has grown out of programmes of work developed by Amanda such as;

  • Darke Visions – a year long festival celebrating the life and work of playwright, filmmaker and environmental campaigner Nick Darke
  • working with Book Trust on developing teachers as writers, writer programmes in schools
  • Writing Squad Kernow – an out of school group for interested and talented young writers

Amanda is a highly skilled developmental programmer who has initiated and led on innumerable projects over the last 20 years in Cornwall including; Shop of Stories – story installations in empty shops

Carn to Cove rural touring scheme, initiating the writers’ collective Scavel an Gow .

Amanda has a love of literature and has been known to put pen to paper herself in her secluded writers shed in the garden.

Annamaria Murphy

Annamaria Murphy

Artist Director & Lead Writer

Anna is a long term member of Kneehigh Theatre latterly as a writer. Amongst others, she has worked for C-scape Dance, Theatre Alibi, Rogue, and BBC Radio 4. Most recently she has written for The Little Angel Theatre in association with Kneehigh for “The Very Old Man With Enormous Wings”, and “If The Shoe Fits” for C-Scape .

Anna is lead artist in Kneehighs’ Connections project, working with young people and communities, and has been walking the Roads less Travelled in Cornwall for the last three years collecting, reinventing and exaggerating stories heard on the way.

With KEAP, she is lead writer for Writing Squad Kernow and Artistic Director for The Story Republic. Her favourite job at the moment is running past The Story Republic Caravan with a crocodile’s head.

Helen Reynolds - The Story Republic

Helen Reynolds

Development Manager, KEAP

Helen is an excellent and experienced project development manager and started with KEAP in 2003. She is used to running large and small scale projects with many partners and many children in a variety of locations. She has a keen eye for detail and her excellent grasp of logistics means that 600 primary school children, with musical instruments, plus a professional string quintet, performing outside, doesn’t faze her! Helen is now also responsible for the business and finance of the organisation. In her spare time Helen is a folk musician and singer.