Emerging Playwrights Training programme

Deadline for applications 5pm Monday 1st May


The Writers’ Block is running a 3 day training programme for Emerging Playwrights, funded and supported by The Minack Theatre.


The outcome of the programme is for the Minack Youth Theatre to commission a selection of short, original plays for Summer 2023.


Led by writer and lecturer Jane Pugh, participants will work up a treatment and sections of dialogue to present to the Minack directors on the final day.  These free sessions will offer skills development and the time to write, develop and edit as well the chance to try out the budding scripts with young performers.  There will be a certain number of paid commissions coming out of this process. Not all participants will have their play commissioned.


Previous feedback


  • It was a real privilege to be amongst such a talented and generous group of writers and Jane was insane. Insanely brilliant. 
  • I feel a lot more confident in my writing and storytelling abilities, both at a discovery level and actually writing against theme, character and with conflict in mind.
  • Being able to hear scripts after such a short process was also really interesting and I loved the sharing at the end. 


When:  June 7th – 9th 2023

Where:  The Writers’ Block, The Ladder, 2-4 Clinton Road, Redruth TR15 2QE

Who: Young and emerging playwrights up to a maximum of 8 people

What:  Why we write a story in whatever its form – in this case stage plays – underpins everything writers do. Our first mission, therefore, is to ask ourselves what we want to write about.  Next, we’ll look at narrative structure and how we craft a story for the stage.  Then we’ll explore characters and a sense of place.  Put them altogether and we will have produced something magical for the Minack.

Cost: The course is fully funded by The Minack Theatre so no cost to participants. However, there is no budget for travel and accommodation.


How to apply:


  1. Select one of the following art works as your inspiration

The Trumpet Player by Jean Michel Basquiat, 1984.





The Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument by Meredith Bergmann, 2014




The Pond by Stanhope Forbes, 1930




The Feast of Saint Nicholas by Jan Steen, c. 1668



  1. Write a three-minute play inspired by the painting or sculpture. You can use the work in any way you like. It could be based on the artist’s intentions or your own interpretation.


  1. Include brief character biographies.


  1. Also include your biography or curriculum vitae and a covering letter saying why you would like to do this course.


  1. Correctly format your play.


  1. Include all your contact details on all your attachments and your submitted play. Don’t just include your name on the email you send. We must be able to track your work.


  1. We’re interested in your idea, your voice, and how you use the stage to best explore your story.

Send it to [email protected] by 5pm on May 1st 2023


For further information before applying please contact Amanda Harris 07712331421 or email as above. Applicants will be advised of decisions in the week of May 8th.


Jane Pugh is a writer, editor, lecturer and story-developer. In 2023, she is teaching screenwriting and filmmaking at Falmouth University, working with the Minack Theatre and Penzance Women’s Refuge on a new interpretation of Measure for Measure and has written a selection of short stories for The Writers’ Block Paper, Pens and Envelopes project. Her play, If You Like the Music Baby is in development with Illyria Theatre. She is also script editing a one-act play, You Never Saw Me, for the Minack Theatre,  a feature film script, Chain, supported by the BFI and a feature documentary About Time supported by Uncertain Kingdom.  Her second one woman show, The Sea-Word, is in development. Her work has won a total of eight awards.