The Writers’ Block

Cornwall's Creative Writing Centre, where we champion the writer in everyone.

We know that the gift of literacy can change people’s lives, and here at The Writers’ Block we aim to do just that.

With innovation and creativity at its heart, The Writers’ Block is both a place to write and a unique approach to developing confidence and skills in writing for everyone.

Wow – what a space! It’s like a creative dream world! I love it. Very inspiring. Absolutely thrilled somewhere likes this exists! Max, workshop participant,

We work with children, adults, schools, families, communities, emerging writers and everyone in between. We have after school clubs, writing workshops & masterclasses, education programmes, sharing events, teacher CPD, early years sessions  – something to offer everyone. Writing is hard, but with new tools and techniques combined with the hidden wonders of The Writers’ Block, everyone can find their story.

I’ve just seen 3 students who I never thought would do the things they’ve done today. They have struggled their entire school lives with writing…and today they have written with joy, with passion and with imagination. Ellie, Primary teacher.

So what are you waiting for? Schools, we can offer you one off workshops or our 6 week programme, and everyone else, have a look at our events page for a whole host of workshops for children and adults!