The Council of Gorsedh Kernow has announced the winners of their annual Awards for young people after careful consideration and review of this year’s entries. Gorsedh Kernow Young People’s Awards seek to encourage learning, understanding and promotion of Cornish culture.

We at The Writers’ Block are proud of the students who have participated in all our projects this last year, and are so pleased to see some of them winning first, second and third places for these awards.

“We are keen to give Awards to entries that highlight the Celtic spirit of Cornwall and express strong Cornish identity” said Grand Bard of Cornwall Elizabeth Carne, Melennek, “and this year’s entries demonstrate creativity in such a variety of ways. The work highlights the children and young people’s love of Cornwall and its culture”

The Grand Bard expressed her heartfelt praise for all the schools and colleges that had taken part, and added that special mention must be made of Cusgarne School who, year on year, enter work of the highest standard that shows the deepest love for Cornwall.  “The children astonish me year on year with the quality of their work and the effort that they put in to creating it,” said Tim Barnard, Head of Cusgarne School, “particularly considering that the children have designed and created their entries at home.”

Years 3 & 4 at St Just Primary School have been awarded joint first prize for the songs they wrote and performed as part of a The Writers’ Block project in partnership with Geevor Tin Mine. Class teacher, Anthony Matthews said, “Everyone at St Just School is extremely proud of the children who took part in the performances. The children loved the mining topic and showed such an enthusiastic approach to all areas of their learning. The children will be thrilled to receive the Gorsedh award.”

First, second and third place for Key stage 4 were students from Camborne Sciences with their songs created on the Kan Rag Kernow Yowynk project with The Writers’ Block in partnership with Kresen Kernow.

Gorsedh Kernow Awards offer an exciting opportunity for school communities to explore a sense of place and celebrate Cornwall and its special history and culture.  In usual circumstances the awards would be presented at a special awards evening at the Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos festival of culture that takes place each September. Current social distancing restrictions prevent this from happening at present, but Gorsedh Kernow plan to celebrate the awards online in September on the Gorsedh Kernow website :


The Young People’s Awards winners for 2020 are:

Yeth Kernewek / Cornish Language

1st  Prize:  Indi Hayden (aged 7) for “Flower Poem”.

2nd  Prize:  Bethany Childs (aged 6) for “Cornish Crossword”.

1st  Prize:  Zennor Jefferies (aged 8) for “Welcome to Cornwall”.

2nd  Prize:  Harrison Childs (aged 10) for “A Cornish Map”.

Highly commended: Lauren Luscombe, Lennon Davies-Mitchell


Ilow Kernewek / Cornish Music

Joint winners at Key Stage 2:- St Just Primary School for The Miner by Year 3 and for Town by the Sea by Year 4

Winners at Key Stage 4 from Camborne Science and International Academy:-

Ist Prize: Year 10 BTEC Music – Girls Group with Drifting Away

2nd Prize: Year 10 BTEC Music – Boys Group with Race in Space

3rd Prize: Mason Laity – with Equations


Studhyans Kernewek / Cornish Studies

1st  Prize: Merryn Joyce (aged 6) for “Kennall Vale”.

2nd  Prize: Abigail Beveridge (aged 6) for “Sennen to Lands End”.

3rd  Prize: Erin Hughes (aged 6) for “Richard Trevithick”.

1st  Prize: Eliza Wittamore (aged 10) for a model of “The Coalbrookdale Locomotive”.

2nd  Prize Bethan Knights (aged 9) for “A Diary of a Sailor”.

3rd  Prize Matthew Galligan (aged 11) for “My Grandma’s Cornish Childhood”.

Highly Commended: Jemima Barnard, Sunny Pepper, Harrison Gurd


Art, Desin ha Diskwedhyans Besyel Kernewek / Cornish Art, Design and Digital Media

1st Prize: Amelie Scrimshaw (aged 7) for the poster “Cornish Wildlife”.

2nd Prize: Reilly Luscombe (aged 7) for “Cornwall Map”.

3rd Prize: Jasmine Chapman (aged 5) for “Beach Picture”.

Highly Commended: Esther Lloyd, Rosie Etherington

1st Prize: Chanel Cox (aged 11) for “Montol Festival”.

2nd Prize: Jemma Chaisty (aged 9) for “Cornish Pirate Treasure Chest”.

3rd Prize: Amelia Dale (aged 10) for “My Cornish Flag”.

3rd Prize: William Scrimshaw (aged 10) for “Godrevy Lighthouse”.

Highly Commended:  Poppy Herivel, Millie Padmore, Lucy Padmore, Oscar Conway, Chloe Cox


The Gorsedh Kernow Awards scheme enables Gorsedh Kernow to recognise and celebrate a wide range of Cornish cultural activity alongside the more traditional arts and literary entries and allows for entries to be submitted through new media technologies.

Awards for young people were open to all schools, young people’s and children’s organisations and individuals under the age of 18.

For more information abut Gorsedh Kernow Young People’s Awards please contact Amanda Harris, Myrgh Melingoos, via email Amanda Harris