S2, Ep1 , The Writers’ Block podcast: Angeline Morrison


Angeline Morrison is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter living in Cornwall. Having grown up among many styles of music, including soul, wyrd folk, traditional folk and more, her career has spanned multiple genres and projects. She has collaborated as part of folk duo We are Muffy and Rowan:Morrison , and her most recent album, The Sorrow Songs was produced by Eliza Carthy. The Sorrow Songs has been described as ‘re-storying’ the hidden, historic, black presence of Britain. Angeline’s voice is unique: beguiling, from the soul, and wholly captivating. We hope you enjoy this podcast.

In this podcast, we discuss how Angeline maintains creative relationships internationally and nationally whilst living in Cornwall. She talks of how songs find her, and her personal experience of song-writing. Angeline chats about working across genres, collaboration, and her shyness around performing.