Devonport Writers Room


Writers Jon Nash, Jane Spurr, Aurora Wake and Sacha Cvetsanovic have collaborated with lead writer Anna Maria Murphy and The Writers’ Block to explore Devonport as part of their Writers’ Room project. They shared their stories at Market Hall Immersive on the 15 March, 2024.

Read the stories below! Illustrations by Keith Sparrow


The Falling Marble of Ker Street by Jane Spurr

The Giant of Mutton Cove by Amanda Harris

Three Towers by Jon Nash

Apple by Anna Maria Murphy

Container Number 3 by Sacha Cvetsanovic

Like Lichen by Aurora Hunt


Additional Stories: 

Apple of my Eye by Jon Nash

Be Patient by Jon Nash

Down by the Water by Jane Spurr

Nobody by Jane Spurr

Over Devonport by Amanda Harris

Signs of the Times by Jon Nash

The Crown and Column by Sacha Cvetsanovic

The Playground by Anna Maria Murphy

The Playground by Anna Maria Murphy

Thinking of Sundown by Aurora Wake

Waiting Talk by Jane Spurr