Liskeard Stories of Stuff


Stories of Stuff is shining a light on the wealth of stories, memories and experiences tightly bound up in the objects we have in our houses. Our story detectives have been interviewing, listening, marvelling and retelling these rich tales in Liskeard.

Liskeard Stories of Stuff was a training programme led by writer Anna Maria Murphy for six emerging writers from SE Cornwall.

Lead Writer: Anna Maria Murphy
Writers : Liz Berg, Joshua Edwards, Shelley Trower, Cheryl Nosworthy, P.T. McAllister, Nell Turner
Illustration: Keith Sparrow
Project Manager : Sarah Pym
Development: Amanda Harris, Helen Reynolds, Grace Davies

With thanks to the people of Liskeard who have shared their remarkable and individual stories so generously. Particular thanks to Crafty Toasty, Knit and Natter, the Stroke Club, Inclusive Art Group, Shallal, Memory Cafe, Lostwithiel Library.

This project was created and managed by The Writers’ Block but could not have been successful without the collaboration of Liskerrett Community Centre, Liskeard Museum, Liskeard Library and Real Ideas along with funding from Liskeard Town Council and Feast.

Read the stories here

Dancing on Granite – Nell Turner

Dumped – Liz Berg

Going, Going, Gone – Liz Berg

Grace Kelly – Peter McAllister

Gwen – Peter Mcallister

Human Kerplunk – Joshua Edwards

Learning to swim at Calstock by Cheryl Nosworthy

Leather Pig by Shelley Trower

Liskeard Lights Up – Cheryl Nosworthy

Oiled Wood – Shelly Trower

One Loose Thread – Joshua Edwards

The Dead Book – Joshua Edwards

The Green Girl – Liz Berg

The Red Socks – Peter McAllister

Wile. E Watched – Joshua Edwards

A Close Shave – Peter McAllister

Crushed Velvet by Shelley Trower

Girl with no Name – Cheryl Nosworthy

Neither of us wanted to go – Liz Berg

Older than Dinosaurs – Nell Turner

Primroses and Coal – Nell Turner

Shave with a Laurel – Cheryl Nosworthy

Trike and Triumph – Shelly Trower

Up Hillside Tracks – Liz Berg

Disgrunteld – Nell Turner