Children from St Dennis Primary School, St Austell, have been working with Story Republic writer Becca Gregson and artist Alessandra Aussendra to create new writing and artwork for an exhibition at Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum.

During a day-long visit to Wheal Martyn, St Dennis pupils were invited to explore the Wheal Martyn site while gathering words and ideas to create pieces of writing inspired by the awesome location.

Their adventure began at the still working 18th century water wheel, then past vast clay settling tanks, vehicle stores and drying sheds until they came to a giant tunnel. This giant tunnel became a portal and once on the other side, children were asked to transport themselves to another time, another land and into another character.

The long, dark tunnel led the children over a cloudy white stream, up into ancient woodlands and then onto the edge of a working clay pit.  Here, looking out over a gigantic clay pit groaning with the sounds of industry, their new and unique tales would take shape.

Back in the classroom, their work is being developed with Becca Gregson spending time in school as a visiting Story Doctor and artist Alessandra Aussenda has encouraged the children to bring their words to life in spectacular 3D art forms.

Here’s what they have created so far!

Pots of Stories will be on display at Wheal Martyn from Monday 12th December.