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Help us to support children in Cornish schools to rebuild their confidence in writing and find their voice and their story through experiencing digital creative writing workshops.

We are raising money to produce a package of digitally delivered writing workshops for Cornish school children to engage imaginations and impact positively on their literacy skills. Through creativity and ingenuity, we’ll support young people to discover, craft and share their unique stories whilst working in partnership with teachers to help meet curriculum needs.

‘It’s built up my confidence and made me take on a lot more responsibility with my work’ Secondary pupil

Now, more than ever, the work of The Writers’ Block is necessary for schools in Cornwall – help us bring them inspiration and writing results through digital workshops while physical visits are not possible.

We’re focusing on children who say, “I can’t write, as I’m scared of getting it wrong”, “I’ve got no ideas”, “I don’t want people to laugh at my thoughts, my feelings”. Children express these worries in ‘normal’ times but with the effects of COVID-19, this has been magnified.

You can find out more and donate here. Like every word, every penny counts!