Plans are hotting up for 2014!

The theme for next year’s programme will be ‘Trading Tales’. We’ll take inspiration from our traditional trades, future jobs, stories, songs and poems of work bringing this theme to life.

Working in schools and the community, our first outing will be in Truro in April 2014 where we’ll be resident in the city centre for two weeks with an installation, writers and artists in residence, and of course our ever popular Story Republicans.

The theme gives us a wealth of material from which to start, from Auden’s ‘Night Mail’ to Nick Darke’s work illustrating the life of a lobster fisherman, from Ewan MacColl’s Radio Ballads to ‘Cornish Lads’ by Roger Bryant. Children, young people, teachers, members of the public young and old can bring and create their own stories and writing.

Watch this space for more info!