Tell Us A Story – EYFS & KS1

Tell Us A Story

Building on our popular Little Story Seeker and Story Adventurer programmes, The Writers’ Block has created workshops promoting the enjoyment of reading and storytelling with children in Reception and KS1. The specially commissioned tales encourage speaking and listening as well as developing vocabulary and ideas for stories and descriptive writing.

Schools can book a full day of workshops for three classes led by two professional storytellers and performers.

  • Reception classes will receive storytelling sessions based on published books with linked movement, song and craft activities and bring stories alive for these children, fostering a love of books and supporting that very early interest in reading.
  • Work with Year 1 and 2 classes will expand to both storytelling and story making. Taking a well-known tale, the storytellers will encourage the children to innovate and invent new twists and endings through drama, craft and creative writing.
  • Reception sessions will last 45 minutes e.g. 9.15-10am
  • KS1 session will last 90 minutes e.g. 10.30-12 midday and 1-2.30pm

There are three different story based workshops to choose which range from exploring sounds to writing simply poetry alongside linked craft activities.

‘I Want to  be a Tree’ by Jo Lumber – a delightful story about a 5 year old girl who wants to be a tree.  The workshop focusses on trees and how they move, using children’s imagination to come up with movements, as well as drawing tree self- portraits. KS1 moves into writing simple Kennings (descriptive poems)

‘Richard Trevithick’ by Ella Walsworth-Bell – a great sound story about Trevithick’s ‘Big Dream Steam Machine’ and the sounds it makes in order to get up Camborne Hill.  Interactive storytelling with young children completely immersed in its telling.  Moves on to exploring household appliances and creating a soundscape while explaining how they work.

‘Jack and Nancy’ by Quentin Blake – two young children are carried off on the wind by their umbrella to a tropical island.  Opportunity for imaginary journeys, creating their own islands and developing vocabulary.

Cost £500 Two performers delivering workshops to three different classes over one day.

For more info and to book contact [email protected]


‘Just wanted to say what a wonderful experience our children had today. We all thoroughly enjoyed the story telling today.  Jo is inspirational!!!’ Local primary school

 ‘I would like to say … how much the children enjoy the sessions. The children return to nursery and enthusiastically cascade back to the other children in the setting.’ Local nursery